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Open with mobilizer安卓版v0.1.6软件介绍:

  Open with mobilize是一款比较冷门但是却非常好用的手机应用。在你遇到一些页面花里胡哨不适合手机阅读的网页时,主要把它分享到Open with mobilize,Open with mobilize就可以把它转换成适合移动阅读的排版,非常赞!推荐给大家使用!


  Open with mobilizer安卓版更新内容:


  * When you re-open a mobile formatted page with another service, now the original url is passed.

  v 0.1.5

  * The icon and the app name has changed slightly.

  * new option to choose web reading service each time.

  v 0.1.4

  * new option to select the service for moblie-optimized web pages.

  v 0.1.3

  * If you send the text containing one or more urls as its parts, the app now tries to open the url which appears first.


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